Mi-Soul Radio

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  • 39 Brookmill Rd, London SE8 4HU
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Mi-Soul is a digital audio broadcasting radio station aired across Brighton and London since 27th June 2015. You also can listen to this radio station through its mobile application and online. Mi-Soul is aired from a well-equipped studio located in the Stephen Lawrence Trust building. This radio station has more than 70 credible, experienced and passionate DJs who play amazing soul music every day to a worldwide audience. The DJs play both new and old music from their years of experience in the industry. This is the best radio station for dance and soul music fans worldwide. However, you can listen to R&B, DnB, reggae, hip hop, and house music, depending on the program and the DJ.

Everything soulful everywhere is the most fantastic slogan in Mi-Soul radio, where people can share their love of dance/soul music, interact and connect.