Hits Radio Lincolnshire (Lincs FM)


Lincs FM has joined the Hits Radio network, so both the radio's name (Hits Radio Lincolnshire) and a significant portion of its programming now follow Hits Radio.

First from Humber to The Wash, Lincs FM is now an Impartial Community Broadcaster that covers Lincolnshire and Newark. The station airs online, on FM broadcasting stations 97.6 MHz, 96.7 MHz, and 102.2MHz. It plays a wide range of legendary music from the late 1960s through the 2000s, along with the recent Top 40 blockbusters. This station's latest slogan being "Hear the Difference", and with more than just a unit of the Hits Radio Network, Bauer owns and runs the broadcaster. On March 1st, 1992, Lincs FM started airing programs from the production company in Lincoln's Witham Park. It started broadcasting Bauer's syndicated favourite show The UK Chart Show in February 2021, taking the place of the regional ranking that had formerly been aired in that timestamp.