BBC Radio Scotland


BBC Radio Scotland is one of the Scottish radio networks managed and owned by BBC Scotland, which is a branch of the BBC. It was introduced to substitute the Scottish BBC Radio 4 when it went out of service. The radio was audible from the 23rd of November 1978; this was the day it came into existence. BBC Radio Scotland is a speech-led service whose primary audiences are adults. The radio station offers an endless variety of genres and cultures, events, and the interest of Scotland's citizens.

The radio station has different shows, and each concentrates on specific music styles. For example, soundtracks, heartbreaks, rock, experimental, and pop. The radio has the famous program, "The Comedy Café." This show airs weekly, and it is all about British comedy. One can listen to the radio via digital radio, only if you have the DAB digital radio. Another thing is that you have to be within the areas that have the coverage.