Kerrang! Radio

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  • One Golden Square, London, W1F 9DJ
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Kerrang! Radio is part of the kiss network and is owned by Bauer radio. It was initially launched as a digital station in 2002. Two years after establishment, it started operating as an FM station on the 105.2 FM frequency, up until 2013. Since then, it has only been running on digital platforms. Kerrang! Radio has several sister stations and shares the name with some of them, like Klassic Kerrang.

Rock music, both classic and heavy metal, is the music genre played on Kerrang! Radio. The broadcast area is only limited to the United Kingdom, with the target audience mainly being listeners in London. While within London or its environs, there are several ways to access Kerrang! Radio. It is available on channel 717 in Freeview. In addition to this, it can be accessed through the digital audio broadcasting on channel 12D in Stafford and 11B in Bradford.