BBC Radio Cymru


Recognized in 1964 BBC Cymru is found in Wales in Cardiff and has 1200 employees and has platforms ranging from a radio set, online network in Welsh and English, and also through television. The network airings take about 18 hours daily and begin at 5:30 am till midnight programming shows like BBC World Services after closure. In addition, Radio Cymru 2, showcases its programs through digital and online platforms; and provides separate morning programming’s all mornings.

BBC Radio Cymru is a newscast across DAB and Wales FM. It is accessible through the UK on Freesat, Virgin Media, Sky, Freeview in Wales, and globally online. This station has weekly spectators of 120,000 listeners who share and listen about 2.7% as of March 2020. They play beautiful music and podcasts including Classical, New, and Unsigned music plus Jazz. As each and every radio station BBC Radio Cymru has a slogan "Nation Shall Speak Peace Unto Nation", which was embraced in 1927, reflected the BBC's purpose ambition during that time.