Smooth Radio

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  • 30 Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7LA
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Smooth Radio is based in the United Kingdom and is owned by Real and Smooth. The radio station aimed to have an audience in over 40 different regions. The sub-channels are Smooth Chill and Smooth Country. Depending on your geographical position you can listen to their programs on different FM and DAB frequencies. Places like London have a frequency of 102.2 MHz. The Radio usually attracts an average of over 3 million people weekly.

The station has a target audience of people 40 years and above. In 2010, more people were able to discover the station and, it was considered to become a national broadcaster. Today it is the third-largest commercial station in the UK. Smooth Radio is said to have the same audience as BBC Radio 2,
Smooth Radio has programs scheduled from morning to evening. In the morning, there is a smooth breakfast show that will help you start your day with some good relaxing music.