Hits Radio East Yorkshire (96.9 Viking FM)


Viking FM has joined the Hits Radio network, so both the radio's name (Hits Radio East Yorkshire) and a significant portion of its programming now follow Hits Radio.

Viking FM Radio is an independent local station broadcasting from the Hallam FM building in Sheffield, England, owned by Bauer. It is also operated by Bauer as part of the Hits Radio network. It first aired on 17th April 1984 and its FM frequency is now 96.9 MHz. Since it is a local radio station, it broadcasts to Northern Lincolnshire and the East Riding of Yorkshire. You can also streamline it over the internet.

Viking Radio plays the biggest throwbacks and the biggest hits. When you tune in, you can also listen to a mix of the current mainstream pop tracks and some classic chart hits songs from the last 20 years. The target audience of this radio station is people between 15-44 years old. Its slogan is "The Biggest Hits – The Biggest Throwbacks". The famous program is the morning breakfast show with Alex and Nicola.