Jazz FM


Jazz FM is a digital radio station based in London, United Kingdom. Owned and run by Bauer media. It mostly plays jazz, soul, and blues music. The station's origin is traced to 102.2 Jazz FM, which debuted in 1990 and was founded by Richard Wheatley. The present station started airing on October 6, 2008, on a frequency of 91.0FM in London.

The radio station is famous for its slogan: "Listen in colour". Jazz FM has several main programs such as the dinner jazz, the Aberdeen discovery show, jazz travels, jazz notes, and the Saturday night experience. The calm and soothing sounds of Dinner Jazz are played Monday through Friday, followed by a mystical selection of specialized programmed to capture the fascinated attention and inspire listeners. The primary audience of Jazz FM is aged 35 to 64, with 61% men and 39% women.