Hits Radio East Midlands (Gem Radio)


Gem Radio has joined the Hits Radio network, so both the radio's name (Hits Radio East Midlands) and a significant portion of its programming now follow Hits Radio.

Gem is a Nottingham, England-based independent radio station. Gem radio made its debut on the airwaves on 23 September 1997. Its signal can be heard throughout the East Midlands on frequency 106 FM. For no cost, you may listen to your favourite Gem Radio program on the internet. Gem Radio offers a wide range of musical genres, from current pop favourites to chart-topping classics from the last two decades. Music and programming on the stations are geared toward adults aged 25 to 44. Its slogan is "The Biggest Hits, the Biggest Throwbacks". The famous program on the radio is the Gem At Breakfast with Jo & Sparky airs weekday mornings from 6 a.m.