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Heart London radio is a radio station owned by Global Radio and it’s part of the Heart network. The radio station started in 1994 as Chrysalis Radio, but the name changed to Heart London. The new station started transmissions in August 1995, before it was even launched in September. The radio station first aired on 5th September 1995. Heart London radio station broadcasts different categories OF news, entertainment and contemporary issues. In London, you can tune in on 106.2 MHz. In addition to this, it’s available on DAB digital radio and in the UK on Sky, Freesat, Virgin Media and TalkTalk TV. You can also listen to the station on MXR regional DAB multiplexes. Heart radio can be listened worldwide via internet stream.

You can tune in on the radio to listen to:

for the best feel good songs. Other hot topics on this radio station include parenting, fashion, wellness, homes & gardens, books & culture and many more. They also hold national competitions from time to time and anyone can participate.