Northsound 1

  • 01224 400 969
  • Abbotswell Road, West Tullos, Aberdeen, Scotland, AB12 3AJ
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Northsound 1 radio station was launched on 27th July 1981 in Aberdeen, Scotland. You can listen to Northsound 1 locally through 96.9 FM, but it is also available online. Northsound 1 provides a perfect blend of music, essential news, and warm-hearted banter. Northsound 1 doesn’t have a specific target audience because they reach out to young and older adults between the ages of 25 to 60 years. You can listen to your favourite music and radio presenters, keep up with the latest news and shows and enter competitions at Northsound 1 radio. You can also get sports coverage under the Superscoreboard banner on Saturdays.